Friday, February 3, 2017

Monkey-X - Roguelike Maps - code example

' based on a description from the rogue basin forum
' what it does it place random dots with unique id
' connect closest of different id
' make same id of last point
' until all points
' loop through all lines and fill map under the lines.

Import mojo

Global mapwidth:Int=50
Global mapheight:Int=50
Global sw:Int=640
Global sh:Int=480

Class map
    Field mw:Int,mh:Int,sw:Int,sh:Int,tw:Float,th:Float
    Field mypoint:Stack<point> = New Stack<point>
    Field myline:Stack<line> = New Stack<line>
    Field map:Int[][]
    Method New(sw:Int,sh:Int,mw:Int,mh:Int)
        Self.sw = sw = sh = mw = mh = Float(sw)/Float(mw) = Float(sh)/Float(mh)
        map = New Int[mw][]
        For Local i=0 Until mw
            map[i] = New Int[mh]
        For Local i=0 Until mw*mh/200
            Local x:Int=Rnd(5,mw-5)
            Local y:Int=Rnd(5,mh-5)
            mypoint.Push(New point(i,x,y))
    End Method
    Method makemap()
        ' connect point to closest point with unique id
        'get first point
        Local x:Int=mypoint.Get(0).x
        Local y:Int=mypoint.Get(0).y
        Local id:Int=mypoint.Get(0).id 
        Local closestindex:Int=0
        While closestindex<>-1
            'find closest
            Local dist:Int=10000        
            For Local ii=0 Until mypoint.Length
                If mypoint.Get(ii).id <> id
                Local d:Int=distance(x,y,mypoint.Get(ii).x,mypoint.Get(ii).y) 
                If d<dist Then            
                    closestindex = ii
                End If
                End If
            If closestindex>-1
                mypoint.Get(closestindex).id = id
                myline.Push(New line(x,y,mypoint.Get(closestindex).x,mypoint.Get(closestindex).y))
                x = mypoint.Get(closestindex).x
                y = mypoint.Get(closestindex).y
            End If
        'make the map
        For Local i:=Eachin myline
            Local x1:Int=i.x1
            Local y1:Int=i.y1
            Local x2:Int=i.x2
            Local y2:Int=i.y2
            Local exitloop:Bool=False
            While exitloop=False
                If x1<x2 Then x1+=1
                If x1>x2 Then x1-=1
                If y1<y2 Then y1+=1
                If y1>y2 Then y1-=1
                If x1=x2 And y1=y2 Then exitloop=True
                ' create the tunnel size
                Local s:Int=Rnd(1,3)
                ' sometimes make a wider tunnel
                If Rnd(mw*mh)< (mw*mh/7) Then s=Rnd(s,s*3)
    End Method
    Method putmap(x:Int,y:Int,s:Int)
        For Local y3=-s To s
        For Local x3=-s To s
            Local x4:Int=x+x3
            Local y4:Int=y+y3
            If x4>=0 And x4<mw And y4>=0 And y4<mh
            map[x4][y4] = 1
            End If
    End Method
    Method draw()
        SetColor 155,50,0
        For Local y=0 Until mh
        For Local x=0 Until mw
            If map[x][y] = 1
                DrawRect x*tw,y*th,tw+1,th+1
            End If
        SetColor 255,255,0
        For Local i:=Eachin myline
            Local x1:Int=i.x1*tw
            Local y1:Int=i.y1*th
            Local x2:Int=i.x2*tw
            Local y2:Int=i.y2*th        
            DrawLine x1,y1,x2,y2
        SetColor 255,0,0
        For Local i:=Eachin mypoint
            DrawRect i.x*tw,i.y*th,5,5

    End Method
    Method distance:Int(x1:Int,y1:Int,x2:Int,y2:Int)
        Return Abs(x2-x1)+Abs(y2-y1)
    End Method    
End Class

Class point
    Field id:Int
    Field x:Int,y:Int
    Method New(id:Int,x:Int,y:Int) = id
        Self.x = x
        Self.y = y
    End Method
End Class
Class line
    Field x1:Int,y1:Int
    Field x2:Int,y2:Int
    Method New(x1:Int,y1:Int,x2:Int,y2:Int)
        Self.x1 = x1
        Self.y1 = y1
        Self.x2 = x2
        Self.y2 = y2
    End Method
End Class

Global mymap:map

Class MyGame Extends App
    Field cnt:Int=0
    Method OnCreate()
        mymap = New map(640,480,mapwidth,mapheight)
    End Method
    Method OnUpdate()        
        If cnt>100 Or KeyDown(KEY_SPACE) Or MouseDown(MOUSE_LEFT) Then 
            Seed = Millisecs()
            Local w:Int=Rnd(50,200)
            Local h:Int=w
            mymap = New map(640,480,w,h)
        End If
    End Method
    Method OnRender()
        Cls 0,0,0 
        SetColor 255,255,255
        DrawText "RogueLike maps - Press Space or Mouse Button for new map or wait",0,0
    End Method
End Class

Function Main()
    New MyGame()
End Function

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