Sunday, November 12, 2017

Monkey-X - Lerp - Linear Interpolation - patrolling - code example

 Import mojo  
 Class MyGame Extends App  
      Field enemyx:Int,enemyy:Int  
      Field startx:Int=100,starty:Int=100  
      Field destx:Int=320,desty:Int=230  
      Field percentage:Float=0 ' how far in the path are we  
      Field stp:Float=0.01 ' how fast do we move  
   Method OnCreate()  
     SetUpdateRate(60) ' Fps  
           enemyx = startx  
           enemyy = starty            
   End Method  
   Method OnUpdate()   
        ' Get our new x and y position  
        enemyx = lerp(percentage,startx,destx)  
        enemyy = lerp(percentage,starty,desty)  
        ' Set the new position         
        ' Keep inside the value of 0.0 and 1.0  
        If percentage<=0 Or percentage>=1 Then stp=-stp  
   End Method  
   Method OnRender()  
     Cls 0,0,0       
     SetColor 255,255,255  
     ' Draw the enemy sprite  
     DrawRect enemyx,enemyy,32,32  
     DrawText "Lerp(Linear Interpolation) Patrolling - example",0,0  
   End Method  
      ' Percentage 0 to 1 returns number between a and b  
      Function lerp:Int(t:Float , a:Float, b:Float)   
           Return a + t * (b - a)  
      End Function   
 End Class  
 Function Main()  
   New MyGame()  
 End Function  

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