Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Monkey-X - Putting/Calling functions in/from Classes - code example

This might be useful to keep code organised.

Code below :

Import mojo

Class myfuncs
    Function drawvalue(val:Int,x:Int,y:Int)
        DrawText "value is : " + val,x,y
    End Function
    Function drawdistance(x1:Int,y1:Int,x2:Int,y2:Int,x:Int,y:Int)
        Local d:Int=Abs(x2-x1)+Abs(y2-y1)
        DrawText "distance is : "+d,x,y
    End Function
End Class

Class MyGame Extends App

    Method OnCreate()
    End Method
    Method OnUpdate()        
    End Method
    Method OnRender()
        Cls 0,0,0 
        SetColor 255,255,255
    End Method
End Class

Function Main()
    New MyGame()
End Function

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